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SW Roasters is a family operated coffee business. We understand our customers have many choices when selecting a coffee relationship. To differentiate ourselves from our competitors we offer the finest products at the most reasonable prices with world class customer service. We strive to ensure you have a world class tasting experience and are 100% satisfied. Once you try SW Roasters Coffee Company coffee and tea products you will become a customer for life.

What makes our coffee different?
  • We offer free delivery on all orders in Collin County and $2.99 national shipping on orders 3lbs.or more.
  • We only use fresh 100% Arabica coffee beans to produce our coffee.
  • We only use the top 5% of Arabica beans from coffee growing regions around the world.
  • We have our own facilities and roast our own beans daily to ensure you receive the freshest coffee.
  • Our coffees are packed and sealed right out of the roaster for optimal freshness.
  • Our coffees are roasted in small-batches so that greater care may be taken to ensure that every roast meets the highest standards.
Featured Products

Kenya Costa Rica Tarrazu Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
5 lb Price $53.95
1 lb price: $12.95
5 lb Price $53.95
1 lb price: $12.95
5 lb price $53.95
1 lb price: $12.95
Kenya has a bright, lively acidity and a subtle fruitiness that make it one of the world’s finest This high-grown bean has a bright, lively taste with plenty of fruit, and a hint of caramel in the aroma. This high-grown, washed coffee from Africa has a smooth, balanced taste with a delicious floral note in the aftertaste